Peace of mind and harmony evolving with technology

Professional IT consulting with over 20 years business experience

We provide straight-forward, high-level options to help you successfully implement today's technology, within your budget and according to the unique requirements of your practice.

We can help you build and own, simple and powerful solutions, that serve and support you and your team in carrying out the mission of your practice.

We add value to your IT investment by connecting you with the right solution for today, within the context of a larger plan for tomorrow.

We serve you as a trusted resource, working with you based on your current relationship with technology. We will help you realize the performance and function you need, while maximizing the return on your IT investment.

Potential areas of interest:

  • Software in your office - Clinical Records, Financial Records, Accounting Records, Employee Records, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia and Presentation
  • Hardware in your office - Desktops, Servers, Local Area Network (LAN), Ethernet and Wifi
  • Software/Hardware elsewhere - Internet (WAN) - Online Services and Cloud
  • Backup
  • Mobility and remote access
  • Security
  • Privacy